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A new way of charging EVs

Mobile EV Charger

Unlock the power of on-the-go convenience with our state-of-the-art Mobile EV Charger. Engineered to deliver lightning-fast charging for roadside assistance and EV charging services, this portable powerhouse offers unparalleled speed and reliability. Tailor the features to your exact specifications and effortlessly upgrade the battery capacity to meet your ever-evolving charging needs. Experience the pinnacle of efficiency and flexibility with our Mobile EV Charger, the ultimate solution for charging on the move.

Fast Charge




EV Battery Station

Get ready to revolutionize your electric vehicle charging experience with our groundbreaking EV Battery Station. This cutting-edge solution allows you to power  up to 5 x Level 2 chargers simultaneously. Powered by a standard wall outlet, this innovative station eliminates the need for costly electrical upgrades. With its intelligent charging system, the battery automatically recharges during inactive sessions, ensuring continuous power supply. But that’s not all! In the event of a power outage, our EV Battery Station seamlessly transforms into a reliable power generator, providing uninterrupted electricity. 

OEM EV Charging Services

  • Brand your own EV charging services
  • Mobile App for customers to schedule
  • Driver App for operators
  • Provide emergency charging services

Mobile EV Van

Our mobile EV van will be seen on the parking lots and roads charging EV vehicles.